About biodiversity on Tér-Idő broadcast magazine

One of OAKEYLIFE program’s main goal to restore key ecosystem services provided by the calcareous sand forest steppe habitat complex. This is the basis for biodiversity. We could talk about the complex topic as a sample project:

In the first broadcast (listen to the report here from 16:00), we could say why the Peszér-forest is unique and why this area counts as the culmination of biodiversity in terms of the number and variety of species. But we could talk about services between forest and the public.

In this report Phd Gábor Bárány, OAKEYLIFE project manager from KEFAG Kiskunság Forestry and Wood Industry Zrt., and Phd Csaba Vadász, OAKEYLIFE project co-ordinator from Kiskunság National Park Directorate spoke about the project on 22-23 May (2018) on Tér-Idő broadcast magazine.

In the second part of the report, from 8:50, our colleagues talked about the educating children and making “good practices” by disseminating professional materials in OAKEYLIFE programme. And one of our important goals is to start experimental grazing with the involvement of a local farmer.



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