OAKEYLIFE appearance in the Madártávlat magazine

You can read in the recent edition of the Birds and Nature Conservation Magazine of the Hungarian Birds and Nature Conservation Society a detailed article on the OAKEYLIFE project, which restores the Peszér-forest.

In a seasonal issue of June 2018, the professional magazine of the Birds Association, a partner organization of the project – XXV. Vol. Number 2 – a detailed report can be found on three pages about restoring Peszér-forest and the on the restoration of lime sand forest eclipse complex ecosystem services in the Peszéri forest and the biotic monitoring of the project.

An important element of monitoring work is the detailed baseline survey, which has been in the forest for more than half a year.

Look for the latest issue of the magazine at the association: http://www.mme.hu/elerhetosegeink

The magazine’s previous pages can be downloaded from here: http://www.mme.hu/madartavlat_magazin

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