We gave an interview about grazing of steppic woods

On October 23, 2018,  on Hajnal-Táj radio boradcast of hungarian public service radio our colleague talked about OAKEYLIFE project and one of our goals in it: reintroduction of silvipastoral systems to Peszér-adacs Meadows.

Dr. Csaba Vadász, coordinator of the OAKEYLIFE project, (Kiskunság National Park Directorate) reported on the positive effects of forest grazing, the importance of animal and plant protection and its conservation objectives in the radio report.

You can listen the conversation at 04.52.20: https://www.mediaklikk.hu/radio-lejatszo-kossuth/?date=2018-10-23_04-32-00&enddate=2018-10-23_06-10-00&ch=mr1

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