Monitoring invasive species in Peszér-forest

On December 2, 2018, an on-site report recorded at the end of November was broadcasted by Hajnal-Táj in the hungarian public service radio, in which our colleague could introduce our details the monitoring work of the Peszér-forest.

Arnold Erdélyi, a member of the Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Association and the OAKEYLIFE project, together with his colleague, is conducting a survey and monitoring of the area to be restored in the LIFE program of the Peszér-forest.

The main topic of monitoring and data collection is the recording of the number, species and condition of invasive tree species, which is the basic monitoring task of the OAKEYLIFE program.

After assessing the baseline, many useful results can be posted by professionals to help those who work on the topic later, and serve as lessons for people.

You can hear the 6-minute conversation adjusted to 5: 49: 00 on the following link:

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