Kindergarteners from Kunpeszér watched the swarming of Euphydryas maturna

Over the past week (mid-May), a number of daytime butterfly species, including one of the area’s specialties, Euphydryas maturna, have been mass-swarmed in the Peszér-forest.

In the framework of the Madarász-Kindergarten’ session, we not only looked at the flowering plants (such as Orphan maidenhair, Hungarian carnation or Alkanna ), as well as the songbirds of the forests (common chaffinch, yellowhammer and many other species) we could listen, but we could also take a little look into the world of butterflies.

Preschoolers could examine what a beautiful pattern the butterfly wings could look like up close, and how many flowering plants these high-value forest-steppe stocks offer as a source of nectar for butterflies.

It was also decided to create a small butterfly garden in the garden of the Kunpeszér Kindergarten: a flower bed in which to plant perennial plants (including thyme, various sage, lavender) that provide food for the butterflies. The decision followed, the frame of the raised flower bed was built by the staff of the Kiskunság National Park Directorate, filled with arable land – the children will do the planting and the care of the plants with the help of the kindergarten teachers. Thus, we hope that the kindergarteners of Kunpeszér will be able to admire many butterflies already in the garden of the kindergarten – and learn that they too can contribute to the preservation of natural values.

Photos and text by Phd Csaba Vadász

ovisok a Peszéri-erdőben

madarász ovi foglalkozás Kunpeszéren


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