Training foresters on alternative technologies for reforestation

We undertook to keep professional training in OAKEYLIFE programme in 2021. The half-day training for forestry professionals was attended by 28 people and discussed a lot of useful information.

In addition to the main topic, our colleagues presented tender conditions of the LIFE Nature, as well as the most important objectives and results of the OAKEYLIFE programme so far.

With a live demonstration, our colleagues described the possible methods of controlling invasive tree species that can be used while conserving biodiversity in Peszér-forest.

During the walk, the factors endangering the pedunculate oak regeneration were highlighted (oak powdery mildew, damage to the wild, as well as a newly appeared invasive insect species in the Peszér-forest, the oak lacy bug).

And they talked about automatic data acquisition of groundwater wells and the results of site mapping.

The closing topics were reorganization of the forest, clearing of arrows, elimination of logs, and establishment of clearings.

Thanks to the tender, we watched the working tractor and pasture mower, which is also useful for cleaning and end use of ecological corridors.

photo by Viktor Schneider



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