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About biodiversity on Tér-Idő broadcast magazine

One of OAKEYLIFE program’s main goal to restore key ecosystem services provided by the calcareous sand forest steppe habitat complex. This is the basis for biodiversity. We could talk about the complex topic as a sample project:

Kindergarten children and pupils played with us in the Kecskemét Arborétum park

On Day of Birds and Trees the KEFAG Zrt. and the KNPD together organised a three-station natural science game on 8th and 10th of May.

We could talk about the Peszér-forest to 400 children

On 26th April in 2018 in Cegléd in the Várkonyi István Elementary School 17 classes of elementary school pupils (altogether 400 children) could listen to Brigitta Bimbó’s presentation who is an employee of KEFAG Zrt.

Studio talk about the importance of the OAKEYLIFE program

Our two colleagues introduced the project on the Echo TV Green World magazine and talked about the renewal of the Peszér-forest.

OAKEYLIFE introduction film

On 28-29 March, 2018, the OAKEYLIFE program started with a professional opening event in Kecskemét and Kunpeszér. There we made our debut short film, which explains our special cooperation and goals during the work, and challenges we have to cope with between 2017 and 2022.

We could present OAKEYLIFE project in Alföld Region Magazine

In April 2018, we published a one-page PR article in the Alföld Region Magazine about the speciality of OAKEYLIFE project and introduced the activities of KEFAG Kiskunság Forestry and Wood Industry Zrt., which are responsible for public welfare functions, which are an integral part of our forest habitat reconstruction program.

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