Great capricorn beetle (Cerambyx cerdo)

We got great news from our colleague at the beginning of July 2018: we found 3 great capricorn beetles (Cerambyx cerdo) in the Peszér-forest.

This is an unexpected but joyful result of our professional work.

This beetle measures between 41 and 55 mm in body length and is among the largest of the European beetle species. It has an elongated, robust body and, like all members of the longhorn family, it has long antennae. In males, these thread-like antennae are longer than the body, but in females they are only as long as the hard wing cases (the elytra). The legs and body are black, except for the elytra which are reddish-brown towards the tips. (source wikipedia)

Photo by Róbert Enyedi, June 2018

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