Children filled out our forest questionnaire in the Kunpeszéri Falunap

On August 11, 2018, the OAKEYLIFE project was presented among the great programs of the Kunpeszéri Falunap, so that we have learnt about the forestry, hiking habits and nature conservation knowledge of children.

On behalf of the OAKEYLIFE project, the project manager, Dr. Gábor Bárány and his pr-coordinator, Anita Abonyi (KEFAG Zrt.) as well as Dr. Csaba Vadász project coordinator (KNPI) participated in the Kunpeszéri Falunap to present the exciting world of Peszér-forest to the children.

In addition to our leaflets, there were gifts reserved for those enthusiastic and volunteer young people who filled out our forest questionnaire.

We thank the Mayor of the village, Sándor Kálózi for the reputation opportunity of  the OAKEYLIFE project and of course, we say thanks for the good cheer to the enthusiastic kids!

(Photos by Phd Gábor Bárány)

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