Carabus hungaricus

As a result of our work we have confirmed the occurrence of another species in Kunpeszér!

Carabus hungaricus is a beetle species native to the Palearctic. In its whole distribution area, the habitats where this species occurs are fragmented, and as a result often isolated. It is a typical steppe species, inhabits sandy grasslands and dolomitic grasslands. The majority of its populations inhabit calcareous sandy grasslands from the Deliblat (Serbia: Deliblatska Peščara) throughout the Banat (Serbia, Romania) and sandy areas in Hungary along the Danube River all the way to Vienna (Austria) and South Moravia (Czech Republic).

Numerous populations occur on acidic types of sand grasslands in the Nyírség area, near the city of Debrecen (Hungary). A classical collecting place for this beetle was in the dolomitic grasslands of Buda Mountains, near Budapest the capital city of Hungary.

In the EU it is listed in the Habitats Directive and it is a characteristic species of the Pannonian biogeographic region. Carabus hungaricus is listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation (Ivanenko 1999) and in the Ukrainian Red Book (Serbaka 1994). (source wikipedia)

(Photo by Dániel Andrési, September 2018)

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