Hemaris tytius, the “mini-hummingbird” of the Peszér-forest

One of the protected butterfly species in the Peszér-forest is the narrow-bordered bee hawk-moth (Hemaris tytius).

The interesting thing about this butterfly species is that it sucks the nectar of flowers by sifting in one place like a hummingbird – its movement is really very similar to that of nectar-consuming birds in the tropics.

We weren’t able to make a video right now, but we were able to capture the pairing of the pills in the photo.

One of the important goals of our project is to increase the populations of plant species (Fabaceae, Laminales) that provide important food sources for pollinating organisms (including bees, bumblebees, butterflies, and narrow-bordered bee hawk-moths among many other species), thus restoring one of the Peszér-forest ecosystem services.

Picture: Ábel Molnár
Text: Phd Csaba Vadász

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