Tarantula of Kiskunság is the Lycosa singoriensis

Like most areas of Kiskunság, the Songarian spider (Lycosa singoriensis), the largest spider species in Hungary, occurs in the Peszér-forest.

Although not closely related to Tarantula found in the tropics, due to their relatively large stature (females can reach a body size of up to 40 mm and their legs span can exceed 10 cm), several liken them to bird spiders.

Like all spiders, this species is also a predator. Unlike most domestic spiders, it does not catch its prey with a net, but it breaks out of its underground cavity and grabs it.

The female protects the offspring and carries them on her back (“abdomen”) in the first stage of their lives.

Spiders are good indicators of the state of ecosystems: the high number of spider species indicates a high level of biodiversity.

photo and text by Phd Csaba Vadász

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