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OAKEYLIFE project presentation and exchange of experience, training

The Forestry Subcommittee of the Forestry Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the KEFAG Kiskunság Forestry and Wood Industry Ltd. organized a professional event entitled “Multilevel and multisite complex restauration of key ecosystem services of the calcareous sand forest steppe habitat – Presentation of the OAKEYLIFE project” in the Peszér-forest in Kunpeszér.

Bolbelasmus unicornis

Bolbelasmus unicornis is a bug species of those representatives of the sand forest steppe habitat complex which has remained in best condition in the Great Hungarian Plain.

OAKEYLIFE introduction film

On 28-29 March, 2018, the OAKEYLIFE program started with a professional opening event in Kecskemét and Kunpeszér. There we made our debut short film, which explains our special cooperation and goals during the work, and challenges we have to cope with between 2017 and 2022.