We told on the radio about the oldest oak tree in the Peszér-forest

On the International Day of Forests, on 21st March, there was a long report in Hajnal-Táj magazine on Kossuth radio about the curiosities and key species of the OAKEYLIFE program, the pedunculate oak.

The radio reporter talked to the project manager, Phd Dániel Andrési, about the renovated Demonstration House and study trail in the Peszér-forest, about the main goals of the OAKEYLIFE program.

And after it, one of the oldest oak trees in the forest (the largest trunk size is 420 cm) was presented by Phd Csaba Vadász.

You can listen it from 05.39.54: https://mediaklikk.hu/radio-lejatszo-kossuth/?date=2020-03-21_05-00-00&enddate=2020-03-21_06-08-00&ch=mr1

Pusztai tölgy - képünk illusztráció a Peszéri-erdőből

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