Videos: Internship program in the Peszér-forest

In the summer of 2020, thanks to the OAKEYLIFE program, a video report of 3 nature conservation engineering students was made about their internship and professional work.

Barnabás Hadi undertook fine-scale mapping of protected invertebrate species on forest road and arrow networks, focusing specifically on scarce fritillary moths.

László Haraszti carried out high-resolution mapping of protected plants in the Peszér-forest, in forest clearings.

Gábor Kocsán undertook a fine-scale mapping of nesting, territorial bird species in the Peszér-forest in his internship.

More information for university students at oktatas.oakeylife.knp / at /

The video was financed by the European Union’s LIFE program.

Videos were edited by Viktor Schneider

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