A swarm of Euphydryas maturna in the Peszér-forest at the end of May

In addition to numerous species of butterflies, swarms of  Euphydryas maturna butterfly can be observed in the middle of May in the Peszér-forest.

In order to improve the conservation status of the ornamental butterfly, which is attached to the edges of the natural, species-rich hardwood groves, we created ecological rivers within the framework of the OAKEYLIFE project, and we planted cane ice and Hungarian ash saplings in the Peszér-forest.

With the help of the investigations carried out so far, we have come closer to being able to plan and implement the measures taken to preserve the Euphydryas maturna population with an accurate knowledge of the life of the population.

During the implementation period of the OAKEYLIFE project (2017–2022), the number of individuals of the ornamental butterfly population in the Peszér-forest tripled, and the extent of occupied habitats increased roughly one and a half times.

report: Peregovits László, Győri Gabriella, dr. Vadász Csaba, Schneider Viktor

Díszes tarkalepke a Peszéri-erdőben

díszes tarka lepke a peszéri-erdőben 2022-ben

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