We organized the Fanyűvő Kupa in the Peszér-forest for the second time in 2022

This year, for the second time, we organized the Peszéri Fanyűvő Kupa on July 9 in the Peszér-forest, one of the most beautiful lowland forests in our country.

The task of the teams was to permanently remove small (usually 1-3 year old) individuals of invasive tree species that cause an extremely large nature conservation problem.

The competition was won by a team of volunteers working regularly in the Peszér-forest, they pulled out the most seedlings. The team of researchers working in the Peszér-forest received a special prize.

Az idei győztes csapat a Peszéri-erdőben, fotó Tóth Attila

The winner team

A Peszéri Erdő Doktora Csapat, fotó: Tóth Attila

The researcher’s team won special prize

The competitors worked very efficiently, a total of 35,693 invasive trees were removed, mostly western whipwood, late cherry, glandular idol tree and green maple.

With this, an area of almost 3.5 hectares (more than 35,000 square meters) was cleared of invasive tree plants.

Our video review is available on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/gY_ZhPhBNAk

II. Fanyűvő Kupa a Peszéri-erdőben