Employees of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights visited the Peszér-forest

On 31st May in 2018 Gyula Bándi Phd, Deputy-Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Ombudsman for Future Generations, and twelve other colleagues visited the Peszér-forest.

We were very pleased that we could show our project with our colleagues in a direct way; how the forestry and the conservation together try to find such methods of treatments, which make sure that our natural heritage will preserve and at the same time it will keep its revenue-generating ability, which is the basis of the living of the local people.

The protection of the Future Generations in fact is the practice of the execution of the sustainable development which manages ecological aspects as a priority. Therefor this field visit was an excellent opportunity for us to show and explain our goals within the OAKEYLIFE project to our guests.

We also talked about our results so far and how we the KEFAG Zrt, the Kishunsági National Park Directorate and the Bird Life Association try to synchronise those wide range of ecosystem services, which is provided by the Peszér-forest.

(article and photos by Gábor Bárány)

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